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Terms and Conditions

Go through this section properly before investing in our products.

Whether you are a visitor, buyer, or user of this site, you need to abide by the same conditions. If you want to access this site and its products, you need to agree to these terms and conditions.

Once you agree to comply with the terms and conditions, there is no looking back. If you fail to continue with any of the terms and conditions, we will cease the collaboration, and you will be unable to access the services and products until further updates.


You need to create your account with all the correct information regarding your name, age, address, and other preferences connected to the products. If any of the data is found out to be wrong later, your account will be seized at that very moment without any proper notification.

You are the only one responsible for the password you use to access your account on our site. So, any breach or threat or third-party exposure to the password is completely your responsibility, and our team is not accountable for such an incident.

If you get to know about any breach of security of your password, inform us immediately. Also, you need to agree not to disclose your password to any third party.

Intellectual Property

All the content, service details, features, and functionality will remain exclusive to the K2 Paper Sheets and our licensors.

Our site may offer links to third-party websites or services that are not in control of the K2 Paper Sheets online. We don’t have any control over their site and the content, service details, privacy policies, or other parts related to the third-party websites. You need to agree that you will never consider us responsible for the third-party websites’ content and details. Also, we aren’t sure we can help with any damage related to this site and the use of their products and services or through such sites.

We suggest that customers go through the terms and conditions in detail for the third-party websites.


We have the ultimate power to terminate your access to the account or services in our site without prior notice or liability for any reason without any limitation or any breach of contract. The termination process will exclude all the subjects that are not part of it ever, like limitations, warranty disclaimers, and more.

The same goes with your account, and our team can terminate the complete account without prior notice if any breach of contract or wrong information can be found. The exemption list will also remain the same as the access to services.

The moment we terminate access or your account, your service will cease. You can discontinue your account further if you wish.


When using our services and products, you are solely responsible for the threats. All the services are available in an ‘as and when required and ‘as available’ manner. We don’t take responsibility for any warranty whether provided or implied o merchantability or other factors on the services we provide.

Governing Law

Undoubtedly, all the services and their terms and conditions will follow the laws of the United States regarding all kinds of conflicts as well.

If we fail to abide by any one of them, there is no waiver. But if any of the provisions is cancelled by the court of law, it will be excluded from the list. The rest of them will remain the same. The complete agreement between the seller and the consumer is based on these laws and amendments. Any changes in the constitution will be reflected in our agreement.

Changes/ Revise

We are the sole proprietor to change these terms and conditions at any time as per the country laws. For any revision in these terms, we provide a 30 days’ notice to offer the opportunity to settle the works. Changing the material or content in the terms and conditions section is completely our call. You need to continue your agreement to continue with the services. If you deny agreeing to the new terms and conditions, your services will be terminated immediately. You have the power to stop using the services anymore in disagreement with the new set of terms and conditions.

Contact us anytime for more information in detail.